Development Hub

Employment, Training, Progression

  • 70 New jobs to be created from NEETs/long-term unemployed persons per annum
  • 85 Average number of training weeks to be achieved per £m of project spend

The aim of our Development Hub is to provide employment and the highest quality of training and development for our workforce and our supply chain partners.

Here are just some of the activities within the hub:

  • We maximise on funding, workshops, and specialist expertise available via education and training providers to ensure we continuously upskill and develop our team.
  • Our staff undertake regular training in accredited and short course qualifications.
  • We actively target local social enterprises, SMEs and sole traders and provide them with long-term work opportunities, ethical trading and fair payment.
  • We provide training for sub-contractors and suppliers through our 6-week Supplier Development Programme. This includes a BIM awareness course and business support and is available to all our supply chain partners.
  • We also organise site-based workshops, offering training and advice on how to access CITB Cymru funding for workforce upskilling.

Future challenges

Upskilling your workforce

Digital upskilling is required of all roles within construction, from commercial to engineering, clients to suppliers, and across all trades and grades irrespective of experience.

The construction industry has long suffered from challenges posed by skills shortages and skills gaps and the cyclical boom and bust nature of construction means workloads and staffing requirements are heavily dictated by the general condition of the economy.

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